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About In-TAC: In-TAC brings together Canadian companies with highly skilled international educated professionals (IEPs) with a global view. Our mission is to help businesses fill their expertise gaps and help IEPs find jobs in their field. In-TAC has more than 500 business partners across Canada.

Who can join?

In-TAC is hosting this virtual career expo for two groups of people:

1) All who have registered with In-TAC for employment support, i.e. the clients of In-TAC’s Pre-Arrival Services and other programs such as IT, Accounting, MAPLE, JSW

2) Any job seekers who are legal to work in Canada.

Why should you join?

Make direct contact with your target employers!

You will get the chance to browse for jobs listed by our partner companies, apply directly for job openings, chat with the employer representatives and our employment counsellors, and learn more about working in different parts of Canada - ALL IN REAL TIME.

What's in it for you?

1) We can help you by-pass the competition by getting your resume directly into the hands of Canadian employers.

2) Our counsellors will help you customize your resume and provide you with insider information prior to your interview.

3) Our network includes some of the fastest growing companies in Canada.

Ready to get a head start
on your career in Canada?

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STEP 1: Register and upload your resume
STEP 2: Log in to your account
STEP 3: Browse and apply for jobs available
No, you only need to have access to the Internet.
After you log in, check out the “job opening” tab or click on any employer booth to check their job openings, or simply watch the video on top of this website to learn how to do so.

In-TAC Clients Exclusive

Preparation Session for the 2nd Virtual Career Expo(Resume and Interview Coaching)
Space limited!

Eastern Standard Time: March 20th, 9:30am—10:30am
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